概述  >>  General  Description

      KARAT WINCHLINE 缆绳是由100%的超高强度尼龙复丝和尼龙单丝混合拧绞而成。它结构非常稳定,它比钢丝绳伸长大,在遇到突然增加的张力时,不容易被破坏。跟钢丝绳相比,他还具有维护简单、操作方便的特点。另外,它还具有很好的耐磨性能,使得它的使用更为广泛。

KARAT WINCHLINE rope is a twisted synthetic fiber rope made of 100% Polyamide monofilament fiber combined and 100% polyamide high tenacity multifilament. It has a greater tendency to elongate than steel ropes and therefore is less susceptible to breakage from shock tension strain. Also, compared to steel wire ropes, it requires much less maintenance and is considerably lighter and easier to handle, facilitating rapid mooring. This rope has excellent resistance to abrasion and will become more flexible and easier to handle with extensive use.

主要性能  >>  Main performance

◎ 材料:100%尼龙66(单丝和复丝)
◎ 结构:六股拧绞
◎ 应用:海洋
◎ 颜色:白色带标记
◎ 比重:1.14  不浮水
◎ 熔点:215℃
◎ 耐磨性:非常好
◎ 防紫外线:非常好
◎ 使用环境:最大80℃
◎ 耐化学腐蚀性:好,酸、氧化剂、溶剂有轻微影响
◎ 干湿性能:吸湿
◎ 如果需要其他尺寸,可以根据客户要求定制
◎ 每卷长度:220m
◎ 结强力损失:±10%
◎ 重量和长度误差:±5%
◎ 最小破断力:根据ISO2307标准说明
◎ 如果需要其他尺寸,可以根据客户要求定制

◎ Material: 100% high tenacity nylon 66(mono-and
◎ Construction: 6 strand fwist
◎ Treatment: Ocean
◎ Colour of Rope: White with marker yarn.
◎ Approx. Spec. Density 1.14 non floating
◎ Melting Point: 215℃
◎ Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
◎ U.V.resistance: Excellent
◎ Temperature resistance: 80℃ max
◎ Chemical resistance: Reasonable, acids, oxidisers &
solvents will affect the material
◎ Dry & wet conditions: Can be stowed wet
◎ Range of use: As winch lines, mooring lines,anchor
lines and heavy duty Applications
◎ Coil length: 220m
◎ Spliced strength: ±10%
◎ Weight and length tolerance: ±5%
◎ MBL = Minimum Breaking Load conform ISO 2307
◎ Other sizes available upon request

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